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Shell Vehicle Identification System

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What are vehicle recognition systems for?

 1. Control and Confidence

You can monitor the time, date and location that your company vehicles take on fuel. You can use the vehicle recognition system to allow only a certain amount or specific type of fuel to be added. You can also view the average fuel consumption per kilometer for each vehicle.

2. Savings

No matter how many vehicles you have or the amount of your monthly consumption, you can monitor, view reports and set limits on the amount of fuel purchased per vehicle, you can prevent fuel being purchased for non-company vehicles and most importantly, you can get a fixed discount from us.

3. Ease of use

Vehicle recognition systems eliminate the need for tracking fuel receipts, entering accounting data for each purchase, advances given to your drivers and the use of cash and credit cards. Also, your drivers do not need to wait at the service station to get an invoice.

Come visit us and let us calculate how much you can save with our automation system, which offers 100% reliability on refueling and provides electronic reports for your vehicle fueling purchases.